When Dreams

Become Reality


Hit Splits Coaching

We are Tanja Senica and Samih Terhzaz and we work with young professionals who have a high-paying job that is sucking the LIFE out of them. We help them create a career they are PASSIONATE about.

Competencies and Experience

Tanja has over a decade of international experience in translation and interpreting in four different languages. When a typical 9-5 job did not bring her joy, she decided to change her career. She became 4x certified in coaching and now works with young professionals who want a purposeful career they are passionate about.

Samih has over 17 years of experience in the corporate world. In 2017, he literally created the job position he desired to have, and he has been a Senior Sales Manager since 2019. He is thriving in his career while enjoying a healthy work-life balance, and showing to others how to do the same.

Together, they have created Hit Splits Coaching to help you create the CAREER that truly lights you up.

Our vision is a world where everyone does something they LOVE for a living,
waking up with a huge SMILE every morning!

Coaching clients on a variety of key competences for career success, such as decision making, time management, and CONFIDENCE (bonus video training!).

Attending several live conferences and intensive coaching training every year. Always growing and evolving to bring the best results to our clients.

Providing you with a game-changing career and business development toolkit such as the LinkedIn network of 16,000+ connections.

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Did You Know …​

… that 10% of all our proceeds go to the
Make-A-Wish foundation?


Tanja is a true believer that positive spirit and excitement can save lives. She was born with a congenital heart malfunction and not only survived against all odds but went on to mastering karate, running half-marathons, and biking long distances. She is committed to continue proving that IMPOSSIBLE only means I’M POSSIBLE!