Bring Anchors from Your Trip

Bring Anchors from Your Trip

~ Written by Tanja Senica in July 2019.

This is an article about one of my favorite (if not my favorite) trips of my life and about how beneficial it is to bring anchors from a trip. I recently had a speech on that topic at Toastmasters International in Pointe-Claire, Montreal.

Have you ever heard of anchors? Maybe you even use one on a regular basis? Let us know 😉

The Greatest Trip of My Life

In April 2018, I flew to Arizona. I had the honor to spend a full weekend with 860 like‑minded coaches at a live conference in Phoenix. Just in case it’s not clear: When I say like-minded, I don’t mean depressed or aggressive but optimistic people who want to contribute in making this world a better place. It is kind of obvious that this alone is already enough for a life‑changing experience, isn’t it? Well, the environment in Phoenix, especially in the early spring and especially after an eeeendless winter in Quebec, is very favorable for personal growth. So I went running in the wonderful Arizonan desert. And here is what I got in return: a cactus, and another one, and another one!!! I instantly fell in love.

Bringing an Anchor from Your Trip

The landscape full of cacti brought me inner peace and serenity, and the confirmation that I was on the right path. Once I was back home, my coach suggested I use cacti in order to easily access that zen mood where the inner trust that ALL IS WELL resides. I did, I made cactus my anchor for feeling at peace at any given time and place.

See, an anchor is something either physical or not, it can be anything that brings you back on track when Life happens, when you face obstacles and challenges. A wedding ring or a picture can be an anchor, even a scar on your body. One of my anchors is cactus. I have a colorful one made of clay in my office, a real one in our living room, two for salt and pepper in our kitchen, a picture of cactus as a screen saver on my phone, etc.


This “13-legged giant” and I met during my second trip to Phoenix in April 2019, where my husband and I did a 13-km long hike in the breathtaking—and pretty exhausting, to be honest—desert. Nothing had changed in a year, the cacti still represents the peace in my heart …

Have you ever been to Arizona? If yes, did you like it?
Do you happen to have an anchor for your goals? Share with us what it is 😉

A Look Ahead

In my health and life coaching practice, I start every program with anchoring the goals. It is one of the most underestimated practices in our society, in my opinion. And it truly does miracles! Would you like to know more about that and maybe create your own for your goals? Book your Discovery Session today and let’s start!

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