3-Month Career Accelerator Program

Profitize Your Passions & QUIT Your Job in 6 Months or Less


Are You:

>> Tired of spending endless hours at a job you hate?
>> Tired of doing the same old boring things everyday?
>> Tired of being underpaid and underappreciated?
>> Worried that depending on a paycheck isn’t real security? (It’s not.)

Would You Like:

>> To quit your job and make your income doing something you love?
>> Freedom to set your own schedule around your life and family?
>> Freedom to pursue your passions and be abundantly rewarded in return?
>> To feel like the work you are doing makes a difference in the world?

If Your Answer Is YES …

It’s time to take action and build a profitable business around your passions.

But for most people, the thought of quitting your job and starting a business feels overwhelming… even scary.

You might feel like you don’t have enough time.
You might feel like you don’t have enough money saved.
You might feel like you don’t know enough.
You might even feel like others will judge you for taking such a bold step.

And at the same time… you see it working for others. You wonder if it could work for you…



Discover the proven framework to help you build a profitable business around your passions in 6-months or less:

This system is DIFFERENT because it gives you all the pieces you need to be successful: 

The Outer Game – The Inner Game – The Physical Game
Each of the pieces are important to your success as a new business owner.
The Outer Game- This is the system that works. It’s the practical tools and actions steps to get you to where you want to go. You’ll get a Job & Business Toolkit, roadmaps, templates, checklists, etc. You’ll also get accountability and tracking tools to help you stay on track. Best of all, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do in your business every day to hit your goals.
The Inner Game- Your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and mindset can help you move forward or keep your frozen. Procrastination, self-sabotage, fear, doubt, lack of confidence, and stress can keep you from gaining momentum if you aren’t working on your inner game. Together, we will break through the barriers so you can grow farther faster.
The Physical Game- Your body is the vehicle you use to build your business. If you’re tired, sluggish, stressed, having trouble with focus, or don’t feel motivated, it’s going to slow you down. When we take care of our bodies, we have greater clarity, productivity, creativity, and confidence. Our business grows and thrives when we thrive.
And the glue that holds it all together? The Community.
The truth is that roadblocks are inevitable. But when you have the support of a mentor and a community to guide you, they don’t take you out of THE GAME. Instead, you have people to lift you up and get your right back on track.

Meet PASSION, Your COMPLETE Step-By-Step Process to
Launch and Grow Your Business:


1. Plan Your Exit and Business Launch Strategy
2. Align Your Passions for Profit
3. Shape & Sharpen Your Strategy for Success
4. Invite Financial Freedom into Your Life and Business
5. Own Your Power to Create a 6-Figure Career
6. Navigate into the Future with Everything You Need



Get crystal-clear on your GOALS so you can create a career that you are 100% passionate about AND that consistently brings you 6 figures or more.

Take control of your schedule so you can go WHERE you want WHEN you want and have MORE time with the people who matter most.

Have more success and more money WITHOUT hustle, hassle, or sacrificing yourself.

Get to know your SUPERPOWER and how your values and your strengths align with your PASSIONS.

Manage your TIME and ENERGY efficiently to enjoy your days spending quality time with people you love.

Make a greater impact in the world and feel a sense of meaning in what you do.

Turn the money game around and create a 6-FIGURE CAREER in 2021.


See What Results Karina Got:


See ALL Program Elements here:


A LIVE group Kick-Off Day (Value of $600)
You get to plan your 6-figure career in 2021. This is a 2-3 hour orientation and a let’s-get-started session that’s also packed with content such as boss lady goal setting – you’ll get absolute clarity on your career goals and learn how to maximize the energy of the group

WEEKLY Content Videos – 25 in Total (Value of $2,500)
For every step, you will go through a series of content videos. Every video comes with a worksheet that is offered to you separately for each part as well as combined in a single workbook of 111 pages. These are done-for-you career handouts and worksheets for INFORMATION, mixed with experiential exercises that create TRANSFORMATION – and save you plenty of money. You will have the entire week to go through them and ask questions ANYTIME. And you get to keep the total of over 12 hours of content for as long as you’d like.

WEEKLY LIVE Group Sessions – 8 in Total (Value of $2,000)
Every week, we will meet for about 60 minutes. You’ll get a chance to ask anything on the weekly content and anything related to your specific situation as well as get coached in a group setting and learn from other people’s experiences. All group sessions will be recorded.

MONTHLY Private Sessions with Me and Coach Samih – 6 in Total (Value of $1,200)
Benefit from 1:1 sessions with me and Samih – quality coaching time that is uniquely tailored to your needs. You’ll have our undivided attention on YOU and YOUR career for 50 minutes every month. Expect only relevant, practical, and actionable information, so you can stay out of overwhelm and in action. 

24/7 ANYTIME Direct Access to BOTH of US for When You Need Answers Most (Value of $2,400)
That’s the best part – you will be able to get in touch with us whenever you need answers. No need to wait for a week, your support is at your fingertips. Expect a personal response from us within 24 hours.

LIFETIME Access to the Career Portal with Your Entire Job & Business Building Toolbox (Value of $1,500)
Resume, cover letter, business 2-pager, LinkedIn account, business and career upleveling ROADMAPS, etc. — all the handouts, worksheets, templates, bonuses, and replays in one place for as long as you want them!

WEEKLY Group Sports Class Recordings (Value of $1,200)
Learn how to work out like a boss lady. Move not only to stay fit and healthy but especially to crush our career goals. Learn what it means to “physicalize” your success. Enjoy high-performance coaching in parallel to your inner and outer game tools. You will have access to over 75 workout classes ranging from Booty Camp to Yoga and from HIIT to Absolution.

MONTHLY LIVE Group Q&A Sessions on Health and Fitness (Value of $600)
Ask me anything related to your physical health and energy levels. Your body is a vehicle, learn how it can best support your career goals, so that you can go farther faster.

WEEKLY High-End Accountability and Progress Report Check-Ins (Value of $600)
Information does not mean implementation. This is a system that will get you from thinking into DOING and from being stuck to being CLEAR & EMPOWERED. Only when you actually DO the things, you can expect the results. Accountability is priceless, and you’ll get several layers to make sure you’re getting stuff done.

Your Personal Boss Lady Inner Game TRACKER & Career Success TRACKER (Value of $300)
Between health, family, and career, staying on top of your game isn’t always easy. Well, with the right system, it can be! These trackers do exactly what they say: keep you on track.

Review and PROOFREADING of Your Documents (Value of $1,200)
Get my Master’s degree in Translation and Interpreting and my 12+ years of experience in English, French, German, and Slovenian as your professional advantage. 

ACCESS to Over 16,000 of Samih’s LinkedIn Connections (Value of $500)
This is your incredible opportunity to share your message on a business platform and get it seen and heard by thousands of people.

Private VOXER GROUP for Your Current Career Accelerator Group (Value of $300)
Enjoy all the support, stretch, and accountability not only from me and Coach Samih but also from your community of boss ladies – Together Everyone Achieves More!!6

>> TOTAL VALUE of Program Elements: $14,900



PLUS Your Program Bonuses:


A WELCOME Package to Get You Started ASAP (Value of $150)
A special notebook to write down your dreams, goals, and visions, delivered right to your home, included several personalized items, lovingly picked JUST FOR YOU.

A Curated List of Suggested Books to Support Your PROFESSIONAL GROWTH (Value of $300)
If reading and growing is your jam, you will want to learn which book is considered “my Bible”, and which ones have greatly helped me to get to my 6-figure career. BEST PART: You will get an e-book and an audio book – enjoy!

A Powerful Meditation Guide for a Passionate and Abundant Career Based on HEART WORK (Value of $350)
A proven method that has been used by successful and prosperous world-class entrepreneurs to help you align and stay in focus from early morning until sleep.

A Masterful Speech on EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (Value of $400)
An example of a standing-ovation speech from Toastmasters, the international public speaking club, presented by myself on my personal journey towards emotional freedom.

An Empowerment Toolkit that will Take You from Your Stuck State to Being UNSTOPPABLE! (Value of $500)
A 20-min forgiveness meditation that will help you connect different versions of you and show you how to quantum leap into the successful future you envision.

A 4-Week Lifestyle Package on How to Boost Your ENERGY & Immune System (Value of $800)
Energy is a prerequisite for your career progress and success. While moving your body is one of the components to ensure your energy levels stay high, there’s more to it. My energy lifestyle package and my Ultimate Weekly Energy Guide will both make the physical game a piece of cake for you.

A 4-Week Guide on How to Unleash Your FEMININE POWER (Value of $800)
As women, we can do incredible things, but only if we allow ourselves to step into that power we carry on the inside. This guide will help you to release your chains and break free. Shine your light bright and make a true impact!

A Game-Changing 8-Week Video Training on How to Boost Your CONFIDENCE that Will Quantum Leap Your Professional Success (Value of $1,200)
Confidence isn’t something we’re born with but something we get to develop. Just like you train your abs, you can train your confidence. This is your mindset boot camp – get ready to stand tall, walk like a rock star, and express your ideas like a leader you’re meant to be.

>> TOTAL VALUE of Program Bonuses: $4,500






Ready for a 6-FIGURE Career in 2021?

*** Program Stars in April 2021, Support Begins TODAY ***


Limited spots are available for this program to ensure that everyone receives the highest amount of personal attention in a small group format combined with 1:1 support.




*** First 3 Get a BONUS 90-Min Private 1-1 Career Strategy Session

*** EARLY BIRD SAVINGS until March 27, 2021 at 5:59 pm (EST)

Get a monthly PAYMENT PLAN

Deposit of CA$500
(~US$390, ~EUR320)

and then 3 monthly payments of CA$933
(~US$730, ~EUR600)

Save 10% when you PAY IN FULL

$3,000 paid in full
(~US$2,350, ~EUR1,950)

>>> You’re saving additional 10%
Take advantage of the exchange rate 😉


Success Stories:



"Tanja has helped me get where I want to be."


"Thank you for helping me discover my superpower."


"I feel so empowered and I am now welcoming all the abundance that life has to offer me."


"Tanja's playful, thoughtful and gentle-where-needed approach made the harder moments of self-discovery palatable. My gratitude abounds."


"I am so extremely grateful to Tanya for having such a remarkable impact on my life."


"Joining the coaching was the best decision I made."


"I recommend Tanja as a coach to anyone & everyone!"

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m a busy mom with a lot on my plate. Will this work for me?

I can assure you that when you follow the time management techniques that we cover in month 1, you will remove all the “busy work” from your schedule and stay focused on the results-oriented needle-moving action steps. 

The time you invest in this program now is what will give you the freedom to set your own schedule in the future.

What if I can’t attend the live group sessions?

Replays are uploaded to the Career Portal within 24 hours after a session. Many of my existing clients love watching the replay anyway to be able to pause, take notes, or fill the worksheets.

I feel I’m too young/old to change my career, what do I do?

The age is just a number, you get to decide what you see possible for you. You get to create the reality you desire to live in – no matter the age. I’ve worked with clients who were in their mid 20s as well as in their late 50s, and this program will work for you if you are anywhere in between as well. 

I’m on a budget right now. Will I make my money back? 

It’s ultimately up to you – we will give you all the tools that you need and surround you with support and accountability to make your success the inevitable outcome, but in the end it’s up to you to take action and follow through.

I’m not currently working right now because of Covid, will this help me?

Absolutely – this is the perfect time to dig deeper, get to know yourself, and never look back at NEEDING a job. It’s a blessing to be offered all this time to create your own independence – a career that you LOVE and that gives you financial freedom.

I’ve tried so many things and nothing worked… How can I be sure if this will work for me?

That is up to you. Make the decision that it will and it will. You’ll get everything you need to be successful with it, but it’s up to you to take action. Commit to doing the steps that I guide you to take. Then, I can assure you that it will. 

With the 3 components of Outer Game, Inner Game, and the Physical Game, we will together make sure that nothing is left out and your whole identity is aligned with success and abundance. Together, we act as if success is inevitable and THAT makes the difference.

I’m a little further along but I haven’t seen results yet…

Great question. The easiest answer is: depending on your situation – your obstacles and goals. I would love for you to schedule a free, 20-minute Clarity Call with me so that I can have a better idea and offer you a better resource if Career Accelerator is not the best fit. 

Is this program right for me?

The Career Accelerator program is NOT right for you if you’re looking for a DIY course and a “quick fix”. It is right for you if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and make small, yet long-lasting changes in HOW you work. It is right for you if you’re ready to ditch old beliefs and generate new results that are easily repeatable for you to reach new levels of success again and again. 

That being said, in order to be able to give you a clear answer, I would love for you to schedule a free, 20-minute Clarity Call with me so that we can see if Career Accelerator or something better is right for you.


I quit my corporate job less than 6 months from starting my career change. 


YOU TOO can PROFITIZE your PASSIONS and quit your life-sucking job
in 6 months or less! 

Say HI to your new career that brings you TIME, SPACE, and MONEY FREEDOM and helps us make this world a better place <3

dream big, set goals, take action concept

No more burnout or boredom, hassle or hustle …

Say GOODBYE to hard work. 

Say HELLO to a 6-figure career in 2021. 

>>> YES to Passion & Purpose.

>>> YES to Financial Freedom.


Not sure if this is for you?

Interested in a 1-1 Strategy Session?