This last month is all about navigating. And to do that masterfully, it is best to begin with your emotions.   

This is an example of a standing-ovation speech from Toastmasters, the international public speaking club, presented by myself on my personal journey towards emotional freedom.

The purpose of this project was to cultivate an understanding of how my emotions impact my relationships. It was also designed to help me identify how other people’s emotions impact my emotional state.

The Toastmasters’ instructions: For a minimum of two weeks, keep a journal about your emotions and how they impact you and others. Discuss the impact of tracking your emotions in a 5- to 7-minute speech at a club meeting.

My invitation to you: Do the same – keep a journal this week, noticing and writing down your emotions and how they impact you and others, especially but not only in your professional life. 

This week’s CONTENT: Video 7 Mins