6-Month Program

Hey Boss Lady, WELCOME!!

This is your main Career Accelerator program page. It is where you will find weekly group sessions (recordings), all the workbooks, handouts, templates, roadmaps, etc. 

Some Quick Instructions:
  • The recording of the group sessions will be added to your weekly lesson within 48 hours. It is your responsibility to catch up with any missed sessions.
  • At the beginning, you will find a Kick-Off Session with all your admin and preparation handouts.
  • At the end, there is your Career & Business Building Toolbox. I will sometimes refer to this, so keep that in mind.
  • Unlike your program bonuses that are released weekly, this content will be released MONTHLY. This does NOT mean that you have to go through the entire month all in one shot. In fact, please DON’T DO IT – you will only be setting yourself up for overwhelm and stress. The steps in which I’m bringing the content to you is important and we will go through it week by week. It is; however, possible, that I send you to look at a specific exercise or handout from week 3 during our private session in week 1, hence the monthly release of the entire content. 

Kick-Off Session

Scheduling Guide:



Kick-Off Worksheet:

How to Get the Most Out of Your Program:



Video Replay:

January = PLAN

Priorities & Time Management Worksheet:

Time Management E-Book:

Outer Game – CV + LinkedIn:

Video Replay: 

Energy Management Worksheet:

Video Replay:

Support System Worksheet:

Video Replay:

February = ALIGN

My Personal Blueprint:

Self-Love Worksheet:

Outer Game – cover letter + company 2-pager:

Video Replay: 

Who Am I Exercise:

Video Replay:

FFF Experiment:

Video Replay:


Autonomic Nervous System:

Outer Game – Marketing Strategies:

Video Replay:

Fun Scale + Sensual Working:

Video Replay:

Gratitude + EBT:

My When Life Works List:

Video Replay:

April = INVITE

Money Limiting Beliefs:

Outer Game – Client or Job Interview:

Video Replay to follow

Money Laws of Attraction:

Money Journaling:


Video Replay to follow

Money Transformation:

Money Affirmations:

The Magic Check:

Video Replay to follow

May = OWN IT!

Own Your Inner Power:

Outer Game – Project  or Job Offer Negotiation:

Video Replay to follow

Top 5 Inner Challenges:

Overcoming Procrastination:

Video Replay to follow

From Fear to Fuel:

The Three Brains:

Video Replay to follow


Course Correction and Pivoting:

Outer Game – Strategy Review:

Video Replay to follow

Life Inventory:

Video Replay to follow

Accomplishments + Celebrations:

Video Replay to follow


Business Planning:

Business Roadmap:

Program Elements:

New Client Template:

Business 1-pager:

Vision, Mission, and Values:

LinkedIn Clientele Search:

Computer Shortcuts:

Your Value:

CV / Resume Template:



Cover Letter Template:



LinkedIn Job Search:


Every THIRD SATURDAY of the month at 12 pm noon EST.

Make sure to fill out the Prep Form at least 24 hours before.

Video Replay of January 16, 2021:

Video Replay of February 20, 2021:

/ no questions 🙂

Video Replay of March 20, 2021:

to follow

Video Replay of April 17, 2021:

to follow

Video Replay of May 15, 2021:

to follow

Video Replay of June 19, 2021:

to follow

Every Monday at 7pm and Wednesday at 12pm noon EST (subject to change).

Please confirm your presence at least 3 hours before, if no attendance, there will be no class.