Warm Winter

How to Keep Yourself Warm in Winter

How to Keep Yourself Warm in Winter

Written by Tanja Senica in November 2019 ~ 

Wow, I woke up this morning to a blanket of snow! Yes, a total of about 15-20 cm or 6-8 in of wet white powder 😀 But not only that, it was freeeeezing!! -6, with real feel of -13 degrees Celsius or 8 degrees Fahrenheit. Mind you, it’s only November 12, still 40 days until the official winter start date 😮 Although I barely had a chance to use my fall coat, I headed to our basement to dig out my winter coat. How else will I keep myself warm?? 😀

And then, as usually, I headed to give my morning class at the gym (half an hour earlier due to heavy traffic). So while spinning on the bike, I started realizing that there are soooo many other ways to keep myself warm. I truly got inspired to brainstorm and see if I can reach 25, maybe even 30 😀

So here they are, my 30 “keep-yourself-warm-in-winter” suggestions:

  1. Warm clothes and winter accessories
  2. Spinning or other cardio class
  3. Yoga – I got into sweating with fish pose today
  4. Don’t think, just plank – or do other exercises such as the ones I post about on my Instagram and Facebook
  5. Fireplace or outdoor fire – careful, please
  6. Wrap up in a cozy blanket or a throw
  7. Human touch ­­– snuggle up, skin on skin :p
  8. Warm food – soups, mmm
  9. Stay in bed – sure, but the whole day??
  10. Visualization – when I was a kid, my dad told me to imagine that snowflakes are actually popcorn kernels popping because it’s so hot 😀
  11. Hot water bottle – I already told you about that in my period webinar, remember? Oh, you can even put it between your sheets to preheat your bed
  12. Sauna
  13. Hot bath or hot shower
  14. Or even better – Kneipp hydrotherapy of alternating warm and cold water
  15. A shot of strong alcohol – not a fan but it’s an option LOL! Although this option is very short-term, since the alcohol will very soon also make you lose body heat faster
  16. Nice hot cup of coffee/tea – I prefer herbal tea
  17. Reminiscing your last summer vacation with beach and sun
  18. Specific breathing exercises
  19. Stay indoors and crank up the heating 😀
  20. Keep the cold out by protecting your head, hands, and feet – wear mittens instead of gloves can help.
  21. And when that’s not enough, use hand and toe warmers
  22. Keep your hair long – the usual hair on your head or on other body parts as well 
  23. Eat spicy food
  24. Put body lotion on – it does create another layer of protection against cold
  25. Dry your body when you sweat or avoid sweating by wearing layers (unless at the gym)
  26. Cuddle with your pet
  27. Light up some candles
  28. Bake and cook some delicious goodies – the stove and oven will transfer the heat all over your place
  29. Glasses, googles, anything to protect your eyes
  30. Always have an extra sweater or blanket in the car, just in case …BONUS: Check the temperature before you head out – it can change drastically in just a couple of hours.

Do you have any other ideas? Maybe we can bring the list up to 50 together? Add your suggestion below in the comments.

Pessimistic or Realistic? You choose:

In winter 2019, Montreal had snow until mid-May. If winter in 2020 will be any similar, we are facing over seven (7!) months of cold. Be prepared and learn how to always keep your body warm.

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