How’s Your Period?

How’s Your Period?

Written by Tanja Senica in September 2019 ~

Hey there, how are You doing? How’s Your Period? 😊

I bet you have never been asked the question “How’s your period?” as small talk before.
Quite normal – our period is still a taboo!

When I think back over the past 20 years, I just cannot believe the horrible pain I used to go through EVERY MONTH!! Not only physical, but also the emotional confusion and mood swings … I used to think if the cramps aren’t that bad this month, I will feel severely PMS depressed next month.

Yup, this was My Period, Month after Month …

I got my first period when I was just 12 and from then on, it felt like I had stomach flu or food poisoning every month due to the high amount of vomiting and … diarrhea during the period. I felt so shitty (pardon my French!) and weak, laying on top of my bunk bed in our house in Slovenia while sharing my bedroom with my little brother …  “Why me?!?” Then I kind of got used to the monthly torturing. Does it sound familiar? ☹

During the university years, living in a student dorm and then a shared apartment in Austria, the hormones started attacking my psyche. I would have regular downs that bordered depression. I started noticing a very “scheduled” depression every four weeks. I would cry for hours and feel like the world was about to end … I remember my mom paid a coach to help me. Not that it helped – I didn’t actually believe I could be helped. I always thought: “I just have to suffer.” Does it sound familiar? ☹

In my mid-20s, whenever I would travel around Europe and North America, I would need to think twice about the dates – will I want to be anywhere at all depended on the day of the month. Will I even be able to get out of bed or stand straight? The back ache that always accompanied the cramps was like a hypocrite friend that never failed to prevent me from moving around freely and enjoying my trips. I would say to my friends: “Not today.” Does it sound familiar? How’s your period? 

The Peak of My Period Pain

When I was 26, I remember helplessly sitting on the living room couch of an apartment in downtown Montreal. I was so mad against myself and the world! I finally started hitting myself in the stomach because no painkiller would kill the excruciating pain I was in … Punching helped, of course LOL!! I was furious: “Why the heck do I have to be a WOMAN??!?” Does it sound familiar? ☹

When I met my now-husband in 2015, I could not possibly stand the sheer idea of spending an hour with him while dealing with my PMS. Forget about seeing anyone else too, I always felt like killing anyone who came close! Interesting fact: Most women who are in prison for heinous crimes, committed these crimes during PMS – say whaaaat?! Every time the PMS would hit again – about 5-7 days before my period, I would go down the same rabbit hole: “What’s wrong with me?” Does it sound familiar? ☹

Finally, I thought I had it all figured out when my husband and I left for a 4-day bike trip on a long weekend Friday a couple of years ago. I was looking forward sooo much to that 340-km bike trip. My period was “supposed to” come on Tuesday once we are back. Surprise, surprise: it came 2 hours after we started biking. I felt defeated, betrayed, laughed at, like the Mother Nature was doing it all AGAINST ME, my goals, my happiness, and my well-being. Of course my stubbornness and my pride kept me going, at the price of puking every hour, basically every time I tried to ingest anything solid or liquid. “I’m strong enough, I can handle it!!!” Does it sound familiar? How’s your period?

Period cramps & co.

And How is YOUR Period?

Ah, I feel like I’m writing a horror story. Do you relate to any of it? Do you recognize yourself and your agony? Or is your period a pleasurable part of your month? Share your story in the comments below.

Beginning of My Period Pleasure

My horror story has a happy ending: In the last two years, I have got rid of cramping by 90%!!! I literally perfected my relationship with myself, food and movement to the point where I took my period from 5-7 days of heavy flow to only 3-4 days of low to medium flow. My period is now regular (constantly 26-30 days) and very very manageable. No more painful cramps, staying in bed, self‑pity, no more PMS depression. I now know what to eat and what to avoid before and on the days of my period to alleviate the physical symptoms. I even work out on my period days and am a calmer person who doesn’t mind being around people even during period (sometimes, haha).

If you are ready to up-level your experience, i.e. get rid of the horrible period cramps and the all-time favourite PMS depression, see if this program From PMS Pain to Period Pleasure could be right for you.

Maybe you prefer a more intimate, one-on-one setting. In this case, book a Discovery Session.

Please, do yourself a favour: Never let period cramps and PMS control your life!

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