Your Money Container and How it Affects Your Bank Account

Have you ever heard of the term MONEY CONTAINER? 🤔

Type yes in the comments of you did. (Or send needs an email if you’d like to discuss.)

Everyone has a money container. It’s your invisible money ceiling. If you get close to it, you stop going forward. And you block any money that’s coming in.

I call this “closing the valve”.

Don’t believe it? It happened to me. You know how I have different streams of income through different services? Well, all of them were shut off, blocked. For months, I wasn’t earning any money. ZERO, NADA!! ❌

Did I want to do this? NOOO, of course not. It happened due to my money container. It happened subconsciously and it showed in my bank account.

The good news is that you can do something.

Money transformation seems complicated and hard.
However, when you understand that there is NOTHING to be learned but it’s simply a process of letting go (of your limiting beliefs), it all happens naturally and with ease 🙂

✅ Step 1: define your money container – put your numbers in the comments below. (Or email or message me.)

✅ Step 2: get curious about your money beliefs – the limiting beliefs. 

✅ Step 3: change these beliefs and transform your money story into one that truly empowers you.

TOO MUCH?? Don’t worry about steps 2+3, start with the step 1 by putting your money container number below👇

HINT: Your money container is often the maximum amount you’ve ever had in your bank account or that you have made in a single year ..

The 4-leaf clover is a sign of luck or chance. 
My grandfather had an incredible eye for them. Every time I find one, I feel connected to him and also extremely lucky and abundant

I found almost 50 this year, and some of them even have 5 leaves!! 🥳🥳

In month 4 of the Career Accelerator program, my clients go through the information and the transformation in their money story. I often give a taste of it in my FB group – if you’re a lady striving for a purposeful and passionate career, then I’d love for you to join:

I’d love to hear about your experience. Let me know your money container number by replying to this email 😉

Cheers to your Passionate Career  – and to FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE!! 
~ Tanja

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