Is Your Career Your Passion?

Are you a young professional with a high-paying job that is sucking the life out of you?
We would love to help you create a CAREER you will be PASSIONATE about.

If you want a real change, get in touch to see how we can we can support you.

Getting Clear on Objectives

A good start makes up 70% of the success. Finding your life purpose and your career objectives is the hardest part, let us do it together.

Time & Money Management

Save time and you will save money. We don’t need more time, we just need to start using it more efficiently.

Habit Change & Limiting Beliefs

Small hinges swing big doors, and small changes create big results. Do you know your needle mover?

Boost Your Energy Levels

If you want to pursue your career objectives, you need the energy. We will help you make sure you're always on top of it.

Job Hunting & Career Upleveling

Resume, cover letter, LinkedIn account, and job interview — do it like a BOSS!

Personalized Service

The program will be adapted to your specific objectives and your current reality.

Ready for your New Passionate Career?

Personalized Support

Most clients meet us for weekly sessions; however, if you prefer, we can meet twice per week for 30 minutes each or even bi-weekly — the choice is yours.

BUSY? To adapt to your lifestyle, our sessions can be held in-person or through video conference, or even simply over the phone, allowing you flexibility and time management efficiency.

Programs Offered

Hit Splits Coaching is dedicated to your objectives, no matter where you are starting off. Our clients appreciate the flexibility we offer in a customized coaching program. You will get clarity on your objectives, the most efficient steps to reach them, and accountability throughout your program. 

Your Passionate Career Strategy Session

Zero Obligation, 100% Clarity

In your 90-min Strategy Session, you will:

Get crystal-clear on your career objectives;

Determine the #1 obstacle stopping you from having the passionate career you want and how to overcome it;

Discover your biggest strengths and values and narrow down your best career option;

Get a 10-page workbook (including the resume/CV template) with key points that will leap your career or business forward drastically;

You will leave with the action steps that will set you on the path towards a career you're truly passionate about!

Not sure if this is for you?

Are you a professional boss LADY?