PMS Pain To Period Pleasure Course




Here’s what YOU will LEARN 

What foods to eat and avoid eating to prevent and alleviate the cramps.

How and when to move to shorten your period and soothe or completely avoid cramps.

How food and physical activity affect your mood swings.

What to do to improve your relationship with yourself to naturally prevent cramps and start loving your period.

How to live on the eco-friendly side and help your body in the most natural way through cycle scheduling.


6 content sessions with curated information and transformational experiential exercises.
You will get a practical handout along with 2 or 3 easy-to-do action steps every week.

3 group coaching sessions where you will be individually coached.
If you prefer a 1-on-1 quality time with me, keep reading.

3 expert guest speakers: a naturopath, a health coach, a fertility + miscarriage coach.
I got the three!!! power women joining my team who will share their wisdom on irregular periods, miscarriage, how to schedule your business and life activities around your period, as well as how to increase your fertility chances.

Access to Q&A anytime in the private FB group. (Or alternative in case you have no FB.)
Optional + recommended: find a partner in the FB group as an accountability buddy.


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