Meet Samih

Meet Samih

Meet Samih Terhzaz, P. Eng., M. Eng., MBA

Professional Achievements

Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Master’s degree in Project Management and Global Engineering, and MBA from McGill University.

Became a quality manager at the age of 22.

Worked for 8 different international companies such as Parmalat, Johnson & Johnson, Kruger, Pratt & Whitney, and Carrier (all Fortune 500).

Landed a Senior Sales Manager position at the age of 32.

Negotiated an appealing package with conditions that promote work-life balance.

Samih Terhzaz

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Personal Achievements

Speaks 4 different languages fluently.

Became Vice-President of Public Relations only 6 months after joining Toastmasters International in Pointe-Claire.

Completed over 30 half-marathons and 2 Olympic triathlons despite being diagnosed with asthma at an early age.

Actively participates in biking events with his clients.

Coaching Certificates

TCM Method Certificate