The Beauty of Our Senses

The Beauty of Our Senses

~ Written by Samih Terhzaz in October 2019.

Do you remember your favorite childhood vacation? Do you remember the time you spent playing and enjoying what you were doing? Of course you do. Share it with us in the comments, we are curious! We cherish our childhood memories like diamonds. Our memories are the incarnation of our ideal world, surrounded with love, smiles, joy, and pleasure. If I ask you to describe it, you will go on and on. Because the beauty is in our senses.

However, in our heavily rushing world, we are looking forward to our vacations, to the weekend, and to our next promotion or even retirement. We see it as an escape from our day‑to‑day routine, and a way to reconnect with our senses. When we reach the point of living on a cruise‑control mode, the beauty of our senses cannot come out because our senses are not solicited the way they should be. Our senses—hearing, vision, smell, taste, and touch—are highly solicited when we are on vacation, they provide us with a feeling of joy and fulfillment. When you are planning for your vacation or looking forward to the weekend, your senses are already asking you to be challenged.

Let me show you some ways to travel in your day-to-day routine and feel alive again. You will not need to book a flight or wait for your retirement to feel alive again. Let us start with the basics by going back to our five senses to see how we can take advantage of each of them in the best possible way.

The Beauty of Hearing

We hear our alarm clock in the morning, the kids screaming, the noisy traffic on our way to work, and our boss screaming at us. Do you really need a fire alarm to wake you up? Put the alarm clock in the morning on a radio station. It is time to have a proper conversation with your family and bring positive attitude into the house. Cover all the noisy traffic by some soothing music, and even if it is not your type of music, just give it a try and let me know how you feel during the day. You deserve that people around you be respectful, so do not be afraid to ask for a peaceful environment to work in.

The Beauty of Vision

We are literally BLIND. Yes, you read correctly. We spend around eight hours sleeping with our eyes closed, another eight hours working in front of our screen or doing some repetitive tasks. The rest, you can probably do it with your eyes closed. Taking a shower? Taking the same road to work? Using the exact same parking spot? Why don’t you do things differently every day? Change your path to work, try parking without using your backup camera, and have a walk during lunch break. And while we are at it, why don’t you video call your wife to tell her that you love her when you have something urgent to do at work? 😀

Psst, you could also go to our Instagram or Facebook account and see if you can find something visually beautiful there 😉

The Beauty of Smell

We spend 95% of our time in a closed environment—our house, car, office, the mall … The air we breathe has been filtrated and all the particles have been removed. Why do you think you enjoy so much your lunch break? A freshly baked apple pie? You need to bring the smell back in your life. You have all kinds of natural ingredients like candles and incense. Pour yourself a new tea and take the time to smell it. Stop at a park and take the time to smell a flower, the tree, the grass. Put a new perfume on and ask your partner to do the same.

The Beauty of Taste

Our society has brought us to the point of not being able to taste anything anymore. It seems like all the aromas are exaggerated and the flavors accentuated. Do you really need ketchup when someone has cooked you a delicious meal? Is it necessary to have beer or wine with every meal? Do you even have a favorite meal? Well, in my opinion, your favorite meal should be the one you haven’t tasted yet. Try a new restaurant every week. Take the time to cook your food and I assure you, you will enjoy eating it much more!

Last but not least, the Beauty of the Touch

Unlike with taste, I would say that our society has dramatically reduced the experience of touch. In some cases, we limit it to shaking hands. Even with your partner, things can become usual and you lose the feeling of the touch. Therefore, don’t be afraid to give your friends and colleagues a hug if you feel it appropriate. Book a massage for two and enjoy the moment with your partner. Have a conversation with your partner and change things up. Don’t be afraid to spice it up or try something new. In the end, if you don’t like it, you can still laugh at it 😀

Your Action Steps

Which of the five senses is your favorite one or resonated with you the most? Also, which one will you be experimenting with first? How will you increase the beauty of your senses? Comment below.

In conclusion, our senses are precious and make us alive. Why wait for your retirement, your vacation, or your weekend to turn them on, to fully exploit the beauty of our senses? We usually only have four weeks of vacation per year which is the equivalent of 672 hours. If you remove eight hours of sleep per day, you are basically left with exactly 448 hours of vacation hours per year. If you take less than an hour and a half per day to light up your senses, you have just gained another four weeks of vacation per year.

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