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The Two Main Physical Culprits for Lower Back Pain

The Two Main Physical Culprits for Lower Back Pain

~ Written by Tanja Senica in August 2019.

Do you have lower back pain? How many people do you know who suffer from lower back pain? Type ME in the comments if you have it or know someone who does. Have you ever wondered what are the main physical culprits for lower back pain??

I remember when I was in my mid 20’s and a good friend of mine who was even a couple of years younger than me had awful back pain. It was hard for me to believe. Until I got it about a year later! I was thinking to myself: “I am active on a regular basis, working out almost every day …?!?” I just couldn’t figure out what was happening to my body …

Now, years and several fitness certifications later, I am happy to share my learnings with you. Apart from the before and during your period (if you are a woman, that is), here are the two main physical culprits responsible for that annoying lower back pain that sometimes prevents us from enjoying the day—or even just getting up in the morning.

Physical Culprit 1: Your abdominal and gluteal muscles—a.k.a. abs and butt—are too weak!

What do my abs and bottom have to do with my back, you ask? Very simple: If your abs and your gluts aren’t strong enough, your back will have to compensate for their weakness, working more than necessary. Consequently, putting too much pressure on your back leads to overworking which in turn leads to pain … Simple, right?

Suggestion: Strengthen your abs and your butt!

Easier said than done? I thought so. Which is why I introduced 30-min ab classes at a gym I worked at previously. Since my husband and I moved and I started working at a different gym, I give a full one-hour Booty Camp & Abs. If you cannot or don’t like to go to a gym, you can always get plenty of ideas on the internet and YouTube. Careful, though: If you have never worked out or your medical condition has changed, you want to seek advice from a professional. Safety first, I always say! Ensure maximum safety for your body at any given time. This is why I give personal training in our offices in Montreal as well as online through videoconferencing, I would love to support you on your journey to greater health and energy, especially getting rid of these nasty physical culprits for lower back pain.

Physical Culprit 2: Your hamstring and hip flexor muscles—a.k.a. back and front of the leg—are too tight!

How many hours per day do you sit—8, 10, 12? Do you sit when driving to work, to the gym, to the groceries? What about when  working, eating, watching TV? Do you sit on your bike? If you answered YES at least 3 times, you are part of the majority – congratulations! =D

During all these activities, your knees are bent and the back side of your leg is shorter than when you are in a standing position. At the same time, your hip is bent as well, so the upper part of your front legs or the part that connects the upper body with the lower body, is also shorter than when you stand. In the long run, they get shorter and shorter and again—your back has to compensate for that. You are probably sitting right now, so just look down and you will understand what I mean 😉

Suggestion: Stretch your hamstrings and your hip flexors!

Once again, that is easier said than done. And once again I will warn you: while there are plenty of resources provided by Uncle Google, be careful with these stretches, as you can harm yourself greatly with wrong execution of your stretches. And no, not doing them at all is not an option 😀 The best thing is to ask a professional to verify your stretching pose while you are in it and get corrected on the spot, if needed.

Here is the hip flexor stretch

How did I get rid of my lower back pain?

As for me and my lower back pain in my mid 20’s … I was working out regularly, my abs and my bottom were strong enough; however, I mostly worked out the same muscles and never properly stretched them afterwards … Try out the two above described suggestions for a while and share your experiment with us in the comments below 😉

I improved my lower back pain by getting rid of the two main physical causes for lower back pain. AAAAND—last but not least, I found out that there is also a very clear MENTAL root cause to lower back pain and worked on that, too. Different parts of back pain have a different meaning, by the way. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is what made the BIGGEST difference in MY physical well-being.

If you are interested in finding out more about the mental root cause to back pain or improving your lower back health through training with me, let’s discuss it in a Discovery Session. Zero obligation and breakthrough guaranteed—book yours today!


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